Testimonials and Thanks

Folks have been suggesting for years that I add a testimonial page to the site and put their comments and thanks on it for all to see. I have finally gotten around to doing this.

The following are just some that I've saved. I don't see the point in putting 30 or 40 testimonials here because no one will ever read more than the first ten or twenty. I selected letters that I think readers will get the most from. I shortened some and corrected some spelling and grammar, but the message remains the letter writers.

So at long last, here you are! Enjoy!

Eric, I just have to say "Thank you" for this website it was truly a God send!! I have a similar story to yours, as after a scary visit to the ER before Christmas I was eventually diagnosed with silent reflux, of which I didn't believe I had because I didn't feel acid in my stomach. The Dr. gave me 2 different PPI's that both left me worse off than when I started. So far, as of 2 days ago, I'm off Nexium and on all natural treatments and better eating habits that are working great!!It just took me a while to get to your website. There are so many blogs out there where people are searching for help!! I'm passing it on to the rest of my family and others who have been diagnosed with acid reflux.

It's all wonderful, helpful information!!Thank you again!! And God Bless!!


I sent a paypal donation today.

I downloaded your "book" several months ago and have meant to donate sooner (I finally sent a donation). Your information has been more helpful than any info from doctors or other websites, including webMD, Mayo Clinic, etc. You explain in plain terms everything a person needs to know---doctors don't have the time to explain. Plus their focus is not on prevention or helping the body to heal itself---the pills they prescribed for me (Aciphex, Nexium, Prilosec, Pepcid) did nothing to help my LPR---in fact, after a year and a half of the pills, I developed pain in the stomach. I'm a registered nurse but I believe in prevention and natural cures---traditional medicine has its place but it certainly has limitations. I was so desperate for relief from the constant throat clearing (sometimes for 5-8 hours a day) that I was begging to have a Nissen fundoplication. But I got about 80% relief with Bragg's apple cider vinegar and avoiding (although not eliminating) gluten and dairy. Also chewing sugar-free gum helps for breakthrough reflux(not mint gum) Your website helped explain some basics like chewing your food well and many other helpful ideas. I am most grateful to you for your truly wonderful information----thank you for sharing with us! You and the apple cider have kept me from having the Nissen!   Chantal

Thank you for taking the time to compile this information. The juicing seems to have made a major difference! My LPR is gone now.

Jamie Adams

I just wanted to say thanks u all for writing up the symptoms acid reflux. I have pretty much every symptom and had no idea what it was. I was starting to get nervous. I read ur info on the matter and toke pepcid complete and feel MUCH better. The medicine I'm on starting giving me this and now with ur help I feel alot better. I just wanted to say thank u cuz I don't have insurance nor money to go to the doctor and this solved my problems. THANKS!


Hi, your site is truly a blessing. I have already incorporated your suggestions to my diet, and they are really helping me. I have not donated yet, but one day, I will do surely someday.


Hi, thank you so much for your ebook.  I have the exact problems you had with your throat and voice, but the constant phlegm and throat clearing is new to me and isn't going away. I also have a chronic itchy cough; these symptoms are really awful considering I'm trying to become a professional singer. I could only afford to donate 10 dollars; I would have given more if I had it. I really appreciate you sharing this info and helping others with their issues. It’s very kind, thanks a mil... Anna

Your reflux book is excellent, it really helped me.

Thank you,   Alan

Thank you for writing the article on LPR reflux. I am following your advice and feeling better. I had the symptom of "lump in the throat", sure was glad to know there were alternative foods etc.

 I am 55 year old female and appreciated all you had to say. At first I was depressed but now I'm just happy to know I CAN get better! Terri G.

 Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I just got the ebook, and glanced through it. I too, have been trying to heal this problem for a while. I will donate more when I can. Right now I am disabled with no social security disability. Who knows, now I might not need it! God bless you for giving of yourself in such a wonderful way!   Susan

Thank you for your efforts. Your ebook has helped me more than surgery and 20 years of pills. I appreciate that your information - the best on the internet - was free, and I hope that you have received many donations over the years.

Alan S.

(Condensed from a long letter)                      

I don't like to go to doctors or take any medications unless absolutely necessary. I was in such complete discomfort with my GI troubles, from the throat down, that it became the overriding concern of my life. I finally made an appointment with a specialist but couldn't get in right away, so I used that time to try some of your suggestions.

 The day after Easter I completely changed my way of eating --- (listed the different things she changed and tried ).

 I won't enumerate all the things that were wrong with me, but I felt better after the first day. I stuck with it for four straight days, and on the fifth day went out for lunch with friends and had a meal of salmon steak with steamed broccoli. I had no bad reaction to that meal.

 The next week I strayed a little bit, only sticking to my new diet 80% of the time, but still felt like most of the discomfort was gone. I lost about 4 lbs. as a side benefit, too. I actually don’t feel like it’s been any big sacrifice --- I eat pretty well and feel much better, so it’s worth it.

 I appreciate that you put all that great information together, so I’m sending a small donation to help you keep it going, or for whatever.

 Thanks so much, Ruth

 (Condensed from a long letter)

Thanks for the guide! Well done --much of this material syncs up with my own trial and error, and suggestions I have followed. I also like it for its consolidation of diet info and checklist of lifestyle practices.

 In my case, I am finding a mostly gluten free diet is also helpful. I don't think I have celiac disease, or that I'm especially allergic to wheat/gluten, but the change over the months in decrease of lower abdominal pressure and gas has been great.

But undoubtedly some progress has been made. And your guide has some additional fresh stuff in it too to try. Thanks for the trouble you took to make such a clear and helpful thing available!


Hi. I just wanted to say "Thanks" for your site. I've gone through a few bouts of really bad GERD, and I'm currently in one right now. I never realized what it was I was dealing with until recently. I thought it was just unchecked anxiety or something else.

In 2004, I experienced something similar to what I have now, and ended up not eating for nearly a month (exception being small meals). That ended up clearing things up. I had no idea what it was.
In the last year, I've had symptoms come and go, and I just thought... eh, anxiety. Well. Now that I've looked more into it and I'm seeing some of what I have now, I realize what it is and really appreciate the effort that you've put into your site. I really appreciate the thoroughness. 
Particularly, the symptoms page was most useful. It really helped me understand a few more things going on with me.
I had everything under control this time, until I drank a 2 liter of Diet Pepsi this last weekend. Before you ask yourself: No, I didn't think it was a good idea, but I felt I had things under control.
And now I'm paying for it, big time.
So, thank you. I really like your site and am happy to see someone put this much effort into helping others. 

Thanks again, Jesse