There are many different kinds of juicers available. I will try to simplify things for you.

First, there is "no one best juicer" to recommend from all the choices out there because it depends on what you are going to use it for, such as; mainly fruits and vegetables, just fruits alone or leafy plants like lettuce and wheatgrass. How hard you will use it is another factor when making a choice. Is it just for you once a day or the whole family?

There are centrifical, centrifical ejection, masticating and twin gear plus a few other types. There are combo machines like food processors and juicers. You can spend $30 for fruit only or $800 and up for top of the line machines. You can get good machines for under $100.

Basically, if you are going to use it mainly for fruits and veggies, I recommend getting a centrifical ejection juicer that is fast and easy to clean (like all of the ones pictured below). If you're going to use it for a lot of leafy vegetables and wheatgrass, a twin gear does better at that but is not as easy or quick with fruits and veggies.

I've had good success with Juiceman machines. Breville also makes excellent machines and I think they are a little better built, but cost a little more.

You can check your local Walmart or Target stores. My local Walmart had 1 juicer and Target had 2 citrus juicers and one other juicer, but none had any of these in the links below. Bed, Bath and Beyond had 2 juicers and one was a Breville for $149.99 (plus tax).

These are good machines at good prices (be sure to change shipping to "free super saver" unless you want it faster);

I had a cheap Juiceman Jr. for 8 or 10 years with no problems. It is still running but I bought a Juiceman JM400 and it has some good improvements. If you get a white one, they stain easily no matter how well you clean them. The JM400 is plastic with chrome coating on the outside and dark inside, good power (700 watts), 2 speed, dishwasher safe, easy to clean and has a large feed chute. Tip: Pulp shoots out into the pulp container, line it with a plastic grocery bag, when done juicing throw any other kitchen scraps into the bag, tie it shut and throw it in the garbage. Why dirty another piece to wash?