Learning to Control Acid Reflux

12 Things I Believe to be True

To eliminate or control acid reflux, here are 12 fundamental things I believe to be true. I feel you must understand the first 11 things before you decide on a course of action! The reason I built and maintain this whole site is to make this information available to as many people as I can.

  1. Modern medical opinion states that “no one really knows why one person develops acid reflux and another person doesn’t”. They basically tell everyone the same things to control acid reflux, they never even attempt to cure it.

  2. Acid reflux, heartburn or GERD are only the symptoms of a problem with your digestion, not the problem itself. Left uncorrected, your health problems will only get worse.

  3. Modern medical practices tend to treat symptoms rather than underlying causes for health problems. This means they don't "cure" anything!

  4. Most upper digestive system problems are caused by too little acid in the stomach, not too much. In order to control acid reflux, this is a very important thing to realize!

  5. As long as you continue to take the meds, erosions and inflammation of the LES and esophagus may heal because acid that was doing the damage isn’t as great or is gone completely.

  6. If you don’t correct the real reasons you got acid reflux in the first place, when you stop taking the pills, your troubles will return. Or you must take the pills forever or until you can’t because of complications.

  7. You need to have acid in your stomach to help digest food properly. Nature designed your body this way. Because they are so new, no one knows what health problems will occur after many years of taking these acid suppressing drugs.

  8. Only your body can heal itself. Medications, doctors, specialists, herbs or your diet can help, but only the body itself can actually do the healing.

  9. Anything manmade is unnatural, such as medications used to control acid reflux, and anything unnatural ingested into the body for long periods of time must harm you. You can't fight nature!

  10. Besides all the bad side effects you can get from the acid blocking drugs, many people experience a “rebound” effect when trying to stop taking them, making it harder still to get off of them.

  11. The number of people getting acid reflux seems to be increasing. I believe the only drugs more popular are the cholesterol drugs.

    Drug companies are publicly traded, which means their management is required by law to make the company money. They can't make money if they cure you, but they can make money if you keep buying the pills, forever! It's not up to them to cure you (they never claim to), it's up to YOU, only you can cure you!

  12. I believe I know the real reason most people have these problems and I think I can help you completely get rid of or control acid reflux the same way I did.

Be Able to Eat or Drink Most Things

If you read my story, you know how bad my problems were. Today I eat or drink anything I want to, within reason. What I mean is, I can do what I call “abuse myself” (eat or drink things that I know gave me these problems), without any bad effects. I just can’t do that for days on end and I don’t want to.

What I learned is that you must work with nature and your body and not against it. This is the way nature intended illness to be healed. I hope this makes sense to you, that this is the only real remedy or cure for this problem.

You can't afford to just try to put it out of your mind and leave the damage continue to occur, whether it's from the reflux or the pills! The longer you allow it to continue, the harder it is to reverse (don't underestimate your body when it comes to healing, it's an amazing piece of equipment)!