How to tell if Adobe Acrobat is installed on my computer

To check whether Acrobat Reader is already installed, follow the steps below (if it is not installed, please download it at Adobe’s website. Adobe's Site

Windows users

Click on the “Start” button, then go to “Programs”.

If you see “Adobe Acrobat” or “Acrobat Reader” then the program is installed.

Macintosh users

Look in your “Applications” folder for “Adobe Acrobat” or “Acrobat Reader”. If you see either, then the program is installed.

Web TV users cannot view Acrobat files. You need a program to view them and that means a computer.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is used almost universally today. You should have it already unless you computer is ancient. I think you can view .pdf (Acrobat) files with any recent Windows or Mac computer.

Download my report and try to view it. If there is any program installed that can read it, it will open up. If you are sure you can’t view .pdf files, Acrobat Reader is like a 20 meg. download now, not too bad with broadband but huge with dialup. It is usually included on the installation CD’s of most programs and even Window’s CD’s. I would check there first if you have dialup connection. Chances are very good you already have it.