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As I put all the information together, it turned out to be a lot more than I thought. The best form for this turned out to be an Ebook (pdf file, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, you probably already have it). Originally I wanted to put everything on the website but there was too much.

So after a lot of head scratching I made this book (70 pages) and it actually turned out pretty good. Here’s the best part, it’s absolutely FREE!

What I ask of you is this:

Please donate!

I believe everyone should take responsibility for their own health issues first instead of depending on doctors and pills first.

I built and maintain this site to help others overcome the same problems I had. I do not do this to make money; I do it to help people. Yeah, I could sell this book, lots of people do it. My motivation is to help you help yourself! I believe in empowering people to help themselves instead of taking power from them!

I’m asking you to donate something to help me keep this site up and reach more people.You are free to not give anything and still use the information in the book and on this website, but any donation to show your support for the effort I put forth will be greatly appreciated.

What is it worth? What’s it worth to you is a better question. As you have no doubt found out, you can’t put a price on your health. How much do you spend for pills or antacids a month? How much in a year? How much have you spent on doctors?

So give what you feel is right. Make a donation and if you're pleased with the results you get, come back and donate a little more!

Freely giving is a good first step to healing, it expands your mental box and opens you up to abundance. Taking does just the opposite. The choice is yours.

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