A PH Level Test You Can Do at Home

To test your body's PH level you must first get some PH level test strips or test tape that is made for this purpose. Your local drug store or health food store should sell them.

There are two things to test; urine first thing in the morning and saliva. You can't just test each once and be done. They each are more of an approximation of your PH levels so you should test both everyday for at least a week and then figure the average. The longer you do this the more accurate your reading will be, try for 3 or 4 weeks.

To test the urine you must do it first thing in the morning. Have a PH level test strip handy. Let a little urine flow, then either collect some urine in a cup and dip the test strip in or urinate on the test strip. Then you match the color of the strip to the chart that comes with the test strips.

To test the saliva you should do it either 1 hour before eating or 2 hours after eating and no drinking 30 minutes before or do it first thing in the morning before you put anything in the mouth. Swallow several times to stimulate new saliva, then spit on a plastic spoon and dip the strip in. Match the color again.

Keep track of the results for at least a week and take the average. Optimal PH for saliva is 6.4 to 6.8. Eating a typical American diet will give you a reading of 5.5 to 6.0. When first in the morning stays above 6.8, you should see your health improving. You can check morning, afternoon and evening levels to get a better idea of how your body handles acids.

A reading lower than 6.4 shows a lack of alkaline reserves, usually the minerals calcium and magnesium.

The level of urine should be 5.8 to 6.8. It may fluctuate to the extremes of the scale, but the average is what you look for.

The urine test is more of a reflection of your body's ability to eliminate acids, it is a better indicator of your PH level but you may get fluctuating readings because the kidneys are always processing toxins throughout the day.

The saliva test can be thrown off by anything you put into the mouth plus there are acidic bacteria in the mouth, that's why the saliva reading is more acidic than the urine.

PH level test strips can give you a pretty accurate number when done over time. Testing the saliva and urine gives you a general trend, it's not exact science.

Balancing PH is a giant step towards improving your overall health. I explain it here to give you still another good reason to improve your diet. If you balance your PH, acid reflux is probably a thing in your past.

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